Attention High-Achieving Single Women of Faith:

Are you tired of wasting your time and energy in dead end relationships?

Do you want to date with intention so you can find the love of your life?

If so, then you need to check out The Love Blueprint!

The Love Blueprint will help you become confident in who you are and what you want so you can lay the foundation for a lifelong relationship. 

Imagine yourself being confidently loved by the man of your dreams. 

This course is designed specifically for single women of faith who are ready to date with intention. You'll learn how to navigate the dating scene, identify red flags, and make smart choices when it comes to relationships.

The Love Blueprint will help you to attract a committed relationship so you can stop dating losers. 

If you are like most single women of faith:

* You want to attract and keep a relationship-ready, commitment-focused man of substance.

* You want to be able to identify the right man for you and know how to make yourself irresistible to him.

* You are ready to learn how to create a healthy, lasting relationship.

But there’s a problem. Relationships and dating can —by their very nature— be confusing and hard to figure out. Unfortunately, no one has created a process and crafted blueprint to relationship success...Until Now!

Experience Love on Your Terms

If you’ve found yourself wasting precious time and valuable energy in unfruitful relationships, then you know the frustrations of dating. But imagine being able to…

  • Date with intention and attract the man of your dreams

  • Identify the red flags

  • Make sure that you are ready for a committed relationship

  • Mastering the art of reciprocating his interest without scaring him off.
  • Most importantly, learn how to create a positive dating mindset that will help you attract your purpose partner and have a fruitful relationship

If you are ready to find love and commit to a healthy relationship, then this course is for you!

“Where in the world will I find all of that?!”

Enroll in The Love Blueprint NOW and start on your path to finding your happily ever after.

Since you don’t have anymore time and energy to waste, we’ve created a process to help you experience the love you long for without fear, frustration, and disappointments.

Not only will you be able to let go of the past and reposition yourself for a future full of love and trust-worthy relationships, you'll do so without losing your voice so that you can walk in your feminine grace.

In fact, you have almost everything you need to make this a reality within you. You just need someone to teach you how to tap into what you already possess. We’re not going to lie, there’s one more piece of the puzzle to make all of this come together, but we promise it will lessen your frustrations and be more impactful than what you’re doing now, and it will put you in proper position to become the wife you desire to be…

What Our Beauties Are Saying:


I am more adjusted to being single while I am preparing for who God has for me. There is not a sense of anxiety or urgency as I had at one point; but I am ready to be a good wife and help-meet to someone when that time comes. I found the support and advice in regard to what to look for, the practical tips and information on what to say and or do in particular situations to be most beneficial.



I feel more equipped to deal with vague texts from a man and not seem so anxious to have conversation. I know more about asking specific questions and listening to his answers. Hearing from the men at the end of the course was priceless. I really love the cohesiveness and team work between Brent and Angel. Her sisterly way of giving advice. Brent’s real talk from a man’s point of view . I love how the Biblical principles are used to help guide us through singleness.

Deloris M.


Thank you very much for your patience with me and your willingness to serve God’s daughters. This ministry has truly exceeded my expectation or perception pertaining periscope. I would have never imagined meeting such a dynamic couple through a social media service pursuing to change singles life one soul at a time.

Dr. Janet A.


Participating in the program with Brent and Angel was truly a privilege. They are a couple walking closely to God, operating in their gifts and are very sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. They are also passionate about people realizing their potential and living this out in their relationships. I've since had the opportunity at work to "charge my worth" and doors have opened like I've never experienced before.

Heather S.


The program was great! It got me out of my comfort zone. The live panel was great and gave good insight into how men think and what they are looking for. Thank you for the opportunity to grow!

Angeleka S.


Angel and Brent have been the catalyst to my finally stopping to assess my singleness after being married for 13 years then divorced. As a minister and men always acting like they are afraid to date me, I had almost given up on ever being married again until connecting with Marriage of God. They helped me realize my worth. Their advice and wise counsel cut to the core of the matter and the advice and direction they give you works. I love that they are so transparent about their journey when they were single so that it can help us and find us right where we are in our singleness to move us forward. I thank God for them praying for us too. Once in the Marriage of God family, you’re covered! Because they pray for us, we know to pray for each other; their classes are not classes, but family getting together to help each other succeed in this journey. Love you Brent & Angel!

Darlene H.

This program is valued at over $1,000!

Know that you are worth the investment, and so is your relationship.

The Love Blueprint


One-Time Payment



  • Module 1: Dating 101

  • Module 2: Becoming “The One”


  • Module 3: Long Distance Relationships

  • Module 4: Recognizing “The One”


  • Course Workbook

  • Dating Strategies

  • Dating Techniques

  • Self-Assessment

  • Bonus Checklist

Frequently Asked Questions



This is a self-paced course. While a new module will be released weekly, you have the freedom of completing the lessons at your convenience.



NO, you do not! The beauty of this course is that it is completely online. All course work is housed on our online course portal.



Course content is delivered via our online portal so that you can access your material whenever and where ever you choose. You will have 1 year to complete the 4 Modules!



Unfortunately, because this is a self-paced course, no live Q&A sessions are scheduled to address any specific concerns or to answer your questions. However, we do have other ways that you can connect with us to address your concerns.


Brent & Angel Rhodes

Founders of the Bae to Bride Movement

Certified Christian Relationship Coaches,

Publisher Authors, & Speakers

We are Brent and Angel Rhodes, founders of the Bae to Bride Movement and CEO’s of Marriage of God, LLC. We work together as marriage and relationship coaches. It is their passion and absolute pleasure to link arms with single women of faith and teach them how to navigate the dating space so that they can successfully go From Bae to Bride. Using biblical principles, we equip our clients with life-changing, actionable strategies that foster mutual love, respect and commitment in their relationships.

We have had the honor of working with numerous single women and have helped 36 of them to get into position to become wives over the past 5 years! We would love the opportunity to help you.